ubuntu 上安装 VMWARE TOOL

    1.Power on the virtual machine.
    2.Log into the virtual machine using an account with administrator or root privileges.
    3.Go to Virtual Machine > Install VMware Tools (or VM > Install VMware Tools)..

    Note: If you are running the light version of Fusion, a version of Workstation without VMware Tools, or VMware Player, you are prompted to download Tools before they can be installed. Click Download Now to begin the download.

    Open the VMware Tools CD mounted on the Ubuntu desktop.
    Right-click the file name that is similar to VMwareTools.x.x.x-xxxx.tar.gz, click Extract to, and select the Ubuntu Desktop to save the extracted contents.

    The vmware-tools-distrib folder is extracted to the Ubuntu Desktop.

To install VMware Tools in Ubuntu:

    Go to Applications > Accessories > Terminal.
    In Terminal, run this command to navigate to the vmware-tools-distrib folder:

    cd Desktop/ vmware-tools-distrib

    Run this command to install VMware Tools:

    sudo ./vmware-install.pl -d

    Note: The -d switch assumes that you want to accept the defaults. If you do not use -d, press Return to accept the defaults or supply your own answers.

    Enter your Ubuntu password.
    Restart the Ubuntu virtual machine after the VMware Tools installation completes.

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